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The town of health

Having been known since the Etruscan times for its beneficent thermal waters, Chianciano still has a great charm and appeal with its springs, the Holy, the Fucoli and the Sillene.

Besides the traditional cures, Chianciano Thermal Baths offer new both esthetical and therapeutic treatments for a complete remise-en-form, by employing highly qualified teams of doctors and specialists. Being placed in a territory rich of art and history and surrounded by a unique natural environment, Chianciano proposes an alternative to the traditional holidays, offering new and different ideas as for relax, sport and enjoyment, while making you recover a good form. Chianciano is an important reality of modern thermal tourism, where the traditional offer is combined with the recover of a good physical and psychical form.
Chianciano and its Thermal Baths offer all this, always in new combinations.

Holy water

The thermal, bicarbonate-sulphate-calcic Holy water (springing out at a temperature of 33°C) carries out its therapeutic activity by drinking it before meals in the morning, according to the modalities that have been prescribed to each single person by the thermal-bath doctor.
It stimulates the production of bile by the liver and its flowing through the biliary ducts, by producing the contraction of the cholecyst and the passage of bile into the intestine, it betters the digestive function while helping the organism to get rid of useless if not dangerous substances.
It is advised in the cure of functional hepatobiliary troubles deriving from hepatitis (viral, alcoholic, or produced by medicines) , in the case of chronic inflammations of cholecyst, of painful and/or digestive disturbs of cholecyst calculosis and of any alteration of the biliary ducts (dyskinesia) and, moreover, after surgical operations (cholecystectomy).

Fucoli water

A course of Fucoli water is a useful booster measure in combination with the hydropic therapy that is done in the morning with the Holy Water. Fucoli water gushes out at a temperature of 16,5°C.
Taken as a drink in the afternoon, at the end of the digestive process, according to the modalities that have been prescribed by the doctor, it increases the quantity of bile and its flowing. It is advised to regularise intestinal motility (intestinal laziness, obstinate constipation), to stimulate diuresis and has an anti-inflammatory action on the gastroduodenal mucosa.

Sillene Water

Sillene mineral and thermal water, gushes out at a temperature of 38,5° C. Being employed in mud-balneotherapy treatments, it is principally used in the mud-therapy of liver and in the CO2 balneotherapy. By applying it on the region of the liver as a large abdominal belt, Sillene mud strengthens the Holy Water choleretic effect, while producing an anti-spastic action on the biliary ducts. After one course of mud-therapy for the liver, its volume steadily decreases and the painful symptomatology that is often linked with functional and/or hepatic-biliary alterations diminishes.
The mud-therapy is usually combined with the CO2 balneotherapy, strengthening the effects of the first one. Sillene CO2 bath is advised in the cure of primary arterial hypertension and in the case of vascular insufficiency of limbs in its initial stage.

Saint Helen

Saint Helen Spring is located within Chianciano Terme hydrogeologic district. Having been known for centuries, Saint Helen low-in-mineral-content, bicarbonate-alkaline-calcic water contains important therapeutic qualities that have been clinically checked and scientifically experimented both in man and in animals. It is advised in the cure of illnesses affecting kidneys and the gastroenteric apparatus. Saint Helen water is always well borne, it increases diuresis, it purifies the organism from toxins, both during and after the treatment, it stimulates the elimination of kidney calculus and of gravel, preventing any relapses, it weakens sharp and chronic inflammations of the urinary ducts, it regularises the altered metabolism of uric acid; it is advised in the case of gastroenteric dyspepsia and any trouble that is linked to it (heartburn, spasm etc), it stimulates digestive functions and is also advised during any physical-sport activity.




Health and wellbeing in the nature

The hydro-physiokinetic therapy

In Chianciano Thermal Baths clients have at their disposal a Centre for the functional recovery and motor re-education. At the Sillene Establishment it is possible to do different treatments such as:

  • global and local hydro-physiokinetic therapy
  • air bubbles or subaqueous hydro-massage
  • hydro-galvano-therapy
  • ozonized baths
  • Kneipp baths
  • massotherapy, lymphodrainage, vascular drainage
  • articular gymnastic
  • motor rehabilitation
  • laser therapy, ultrasound diathermy, radar therapy, electrotherapy, pain therapy.

Aesthetics Centre

You will have at your complete disposal a modern Aesthetic Medicine Centre where you will have resolved any kind of dermatological problem and any of the typical disturbs that are brought about by cellulite and varicose veins. Teams of specialists will always be supervising your treatments.

Thermal cosmetics, natural beauty

After accurate researches and experimentation, today Chianciano Thermal Baths propose a line of natural cosmetics that is based on the extraordinary and unique properties of the antique Sillene spring. The products are made with thermal water, that is perfect in the magic natural balance it has of vegetal Plankton and salts with both high and low mineral content. The ideal combination to give to your skin a new beauty.

Alimentary wellbeing: the Nutrition Centre

If you want to improve the quality of your life, you cannot but start from your organism. That's the reason why Chianciano Thermal Baths have created a Diet and Alimentary Education Centre in order to propose to their clients a well-balanced and healthful diet with the right quantity of any of the nutrition principles. A Nutritional Check-up and a Diet Program are the ideal instruments to resolve any lack of balance and to learn a new diet regime under banner of wellbeing.

Inhaling Centre

All the breathing troubles that are brought about by pollution and other environmental problems can be resolved by undertaking inhaling treatments and micronized nasal showers at the Inhaling Centre of the Medical Department in Chianciano Thermal Baths.


  • Vasomotor rhinitis
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis
  • Chronic pharyngolaryngitis
  • Chronic tracheobronchitis
  • Obstructive bronchopneumologic pains
  • Bronchial asthma

A new Medical Management

The Medical Management co-ordinates and controls any Thermal Medical Services. For any diagnostic check there is an efficient Laboratory of chemical-clinical analysis. Internal Echography, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, Bronchopneumology, Oculistics, Radiology, Digestive Endoscopy, Rheumatology, Neuropsychiatry, Electromyography, Heart Angiology, Echocardiography, Echo-colour-Doppler, any kind of advice, besides a Centre for the cure and prevention of Osteoporosis (M.O.C. Total Body), are some of the services at your complete disposal.


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